Wednesday, May 27, 2009

demographics of women users of

demographics of FSU women users of LuckyLovers

Armenia 561
Azerbaijan 1065
Belarus 10332
Estonia 2222
Georgia 811
Kazakhstan 7568
Kyrgyzstan 951
Latvia 2399
Lithuania 994
Moldova 3573
Russia 62684
Tajikistan 100
Turkmenistan 178
Ukraine 31203
Uzbekistan 2792

demographics of Eastern Europeam women users of LuckyLovers

Bulgaria 445
Czech Republic 273
Poland 211
Romania 440

demographics of Asian women users of LuckyLovers

Philippines 286
China 367
Thailand 166
Turkey 510

demographics of European women users of LuckyLovers

France 311
Germany 1233
Israel 1086
Italy 376
Netherlands 252
Norway 156
Spain 234
Sweden 240
Switzerland 110
UK-England 985

demographics of North American women users of LuckyLovers

Canada 433
America (USA) 3765

Monday, May 25, 2009

russian singles stories

..... Hello! I’m Damian and I am from Antwerpen Belgium, I would also like to tell you my personal love story, which started nearly two years ago.

When I became a top manager of the company, it was really great. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. I felt myself really proud and I got everything I dreamt about for a long time.I’ve got money and power and for that moment I thought nothing more is needed. I worked a lot and was often too busy to think about private life. I always thought the time will come for that later, but then when time passed I noticed that work couldn’t replace the absence of love and soul mate. I felt lonely on weekends, so I went out somewhere with my friends, but all that was not what I needed.

Once my friends and business partners offered me to have a nice trip around the Eastern Europe. It was really cool idea, because being almost everywhere around the world, I have never been in those countries. The tour was a success, but the most interesting and the most unforgettable was our visit of Crimea in Ukraine. It is the greatest rest-zone in Ukraine, near the Black sea. The nature there was really nice. But the most interesting for me were Ukrainian girls and women. We met a lot of them on the beaches and in the restaurants and most of them were so pretty and friendly. The only problem I faced was that only a little number of them could speak English and I did not know a word in Russian. That’s why I just smiled and nodded, it was pretty hard to meet someone special in such a way.The tip finished and I got back to my work. But once, when I had some free time and was surfing the net I came across one >singles site where I saw a lot of profiles of beautiful Russian girls and what was really important for me, a lot of them could speak English. I remembered the sunny beaches of and decided to register myself on the site. (the thought about dating through the internet did not ever come to my mind before). Let’s try, I thought to myself and I did. So I registered myself on this dating site, downloaded my photos and started writing messages to the women I liked. At first, I just did not notice all those cool features they have, but later when I discovered new and new ones I became an admirer of the site and spent there a lot of time. Nearly after two months of me being on the site I met Tanya there, she was the first woman there whom I was really interested in. She was 28 years old, pretty and sexy, smart Ukrainian lady from Ivano-Frankivs`k, it’s in the west of Ukraine. We’ve been talking over the nights and days. She was so nice and interesting person, we were like people who went to the same school so much we have in common. Sometimes when I was looking at her pictures I felt like falling in love with her, sometimes I saw her in my dreams and wished they were real. After being communicating and calling to each other for nearly six months we both decided it was the right time to meet and to see how it will work. I visited Ukraine once again and fall in love with its daughter and definitely with the country itself. We spent almost two weeks in the resort in the Carpathians mountains and when going back home I proposed her and my Tanya accepted. Now we are living together in Belgium. Tanya studies at college and I am sure she will found herself here – she is so smart and every time I am going back home from work, I am thinking about how happy I am to have her as my wife. Damian.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tetyana from Kiev found her soulmate

Robert and I met online and it's been a terrific love story since that day!
He came in just 3 months later in spite of this huge distance! It was for both of us our first long distance dating experience and even these three months were too long to wait. Only now I know how long people are waiting for their first date so we were really very-very lucky! Ok, our first meeting was at the cafe in Boryspil airport.

I had discovered luckylovers through the internet and Robert just registered there, he was very careful choosing russian dating site and only joined that site to follow a friend of him who was very happy with the service. We decided to meet at the café at the airport and when the time arrived I was sitting and waiting and felt like my back was thrilling with excitement. And he came and we saw each other for the first time! That was great and new for us and waitress was very friendly and meal was great and that all helped us to relax and to ease!

I talked to Robert only towards the end of the evening; all that time before we were keeping silence, but you know not that type of silence when it’s like a burden, but that silence as we were trying to grasp every part of each other and never forget anything. So we were eating and smiling and keeping silence. Later we shared our impressions and found out that they were almost the same. He told that he watched me and could not believe that I’m a real girl, the girl with whom he chatted and called and dreamt about. These moments were wonderful and then something happened, we suddenly started to talk, we talked and talked non-stop for an hour or even more and nobody exists around us. Then the taxi arrived and he had to go (he came for some business matters too) but we both found it sooooo short and wanted to know more about each other.

We agreed to meet right after he’ll be free, we did not want to leave and while dressing and paying talked more, laughed and admitted that we both got more that expected. What will stay in my mind forever is what the waitress said when we left. She looked at us and said “It’s good when those who are dear earlier or later come back to us”. She thought we were a couple and he was just somewhere and return after his trip or so. He did not understand what was said and asked me. I answered: “She said that we are a wonderful couple.” We both looked at each other, smiling, and YES we were already a couple and it worked very well indeed.

We spend a wonderful week together then and we celebrated our 6 months together few days ago. We are both very happy and thankful to this dating site for bringing us together, otherwise there would have been no chances for us to meet otherwise, leaving in different countries and having different interests and hobbies. We want only to wish good luck to all single souls out there and all the best to your wonderful team.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Marina's love in Finland

"... Nine months ago, I met a wonderful man. It was the first time I joined dating site, because you know I considered myself (actually I am) too cool, beautiful and sexy Russian beauty to spend my time like this)) but I was at home, reading, watching TV and bored, and yes along with all my beauty feeling lonely and dreaming of love. So I somehow found luckylovers and joined but I had no idea what to expect.

A few days later, I met a man from Finland. We exchanged a couple of emails about what we do for a living, and how long had we been on this site, nothing too serious or important, just a couple of questions. Only a few days later Paavo asked me my phone number and I gave it. Later I read that it’s not good to give phone number at once, but I gave and he then called me on the phone and we talked (rather stressful experience by the way).

We agreed to meet in a month as a joke, but the date happened, our countries are not too far from each other and once when I was at home he called and said: I’m in your city. You can only imagine my feelings…so we met and it went very well. We agreed to meet only for coffee and did not put any expectation in the meeting, but he was a perfect gentleman, we laughed, talked, listened to each other, and that’s all. Ok, learning a bit about e-net dating I was afraid of sex-tourist and subconsciously waited for something unpleasant, but the best of our meeting was that he made no physical advances on me, and after chatting an hour or so we left. That was a perfect first meeting.

Paavo then emailed me at my regular email the next morning, and thanked me for a nice date and we both agreed to continue on for a second date. It also went very well.

The first three dates all went well, they were very light, fun, and just general getting to know who you are, and enjoying each other's company. I had some rules about these dates and he respected those rules.

Time went on, he returned back home and we formed a wonderful relationship. This man helped me with my business and guided me into my little business and helped me so much. He treated me with respect and he was so understandable. He shared his life with me and helped restore in me a lot of hope and faith again, that it is possible to be happy, secure, and proud of it. We became a serious couple.

I'm very grateful to you for bringing him in my life. I'm glad that at that time, I was at home searching dating sites, joined out of curiosity. I found love and I found my wonderful western man who I wish to know for the rest of my life.

I am not ashamed I met him in the internet, and I’m so thankful that you exist. I can only advise people who are curious like I was to join, make friends, be safe and allow yourself to be real with members who join this site. And you soul mate will be there. Marina .."