Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Russian Immigration to America

1 Wave: Freedom from religious persecution.

The first wave of mass immigration from Russia and Eastern Europe took place in the second half of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century before World War I.

The majority of those arriving were Jews escaping the Pale of Settlement (territory established in 1786 after the division of Poland where Jews were compelled to live).

Many Russian Jews settled in New York and other large American coastal cities. Like previous Jewish immigrants, many of them went into business, and the children of the Russian Jews attended universities in increasing numbers. Russian and other East European Jews differed from American Jews, in that they were maintained a highly orthodox religious practice. Marriage between Jews and non-Jews amongst the immigrants was a very unusual event.

Other immigrants included Russian religious pacifist groups that were in conflict with the Russian Orthodox church. Among them were Russian Molokans and the Russian Old Believers (Starovery).

Russian Molokans. The name "Molokan" originates from the Russian word for milk (moloko) since the members of this group do not refrain from milk and other products during Orthodox fasts. It refers to those who suffered persecution from both the Russian Orthodox Church and the government for their non-traditional beliefs and practices.

Russian Molokans settled primarily in Los Angeles area and later in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Good labor skills were valued more than formal education. The Molokan community is characterized by isolation from the outside world, strong emphasis on agricultural work, and attendance of frequent religious services called sobraniye.

The Russian Old Believers (Starovery). This name refers to the descendants of Orthodox Russians whose ancestors refused to accept the modern church reforms of the mid-seventeenth century. Many of the Russian Old Believers settled in Oregon and Alaska. Members of the community tend to speak Russian and are normally dressed in clothes reminiscent of the eighteenth and nineteenth century peasantry. In keeping with the Old Rite, three elements given at baptism — the shirt, belt, and cross — must be worn at all times by the faithful. Hence men and boys are seen in the long Russian shirt, or rubashka, girded with a belt. Women and girls lengthen the shirt to form a blouse/slip combination and wear over it a jumper, or sarafan, sometimes with a peasant apron. The Old Believers adhere strictly to the church rituals of prolong fasting periods, long church ceremonies, and do not allow outsiders or those not "in union" to eat with them in their homes or attend church services. In Oregon they have established a primarily agricultural economic base, acquiring land to raise berries and fruit, as well as grain for cattle. In Alaska, Old Believers are successful commercial fishermen and builders of commercial fishing boats.

2 Wave: Escape from Revolution

The second wave of immigration from Russia began after the Russian Revolution and Civil War of 1917-1921. Violent insurgencies, property destruction, and political radicalism erupted throughout the new Soviet states, forcing almost 2 million to flee. 30,000 came directly to the United States, others settled in France and Germany. Most were former czarist government officials, aristocrats, industrialists, shopkeepers, teachers, lawyers, military personnel, and members of the clergy. Because many of these immigrants came from wealthy ruling class of czarist Russia, they tended to find jobs similar to their former professions, which could be found in the large urban areas like New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco.

3 Wave: The Promise of America

The third wave came in the aftermath of World War II, during which millions of Europeans, including Russians, were displaced from their homes. This wave brought about 50,000 people from the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe to the United States. Most did not come directly from the Soviet Union. Some had been transported to camps in Nazi Germany during the war; others had fled westward to escape the advancing Soviet Red Army in 1944 and 1945. Others were "White" (anti-Bolshevik) Russians who in the 1920s had settled in East European countries (Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Poland, and the Baltic States) that came under Soviet domination after World War II.

After the conclusion of WWII, Western powers, including the United States, were obligated to repatriate (send back) all persons living in Western Europe who had been born in Soviet territory. Initially the United States military authorities in Europe cooperated in the repatriation program, and between 1945 and 1948 2 million Russian refugees were returned to the Soviet Union. There they faced exactly what they feared: many were imprisoned, exiled to Siberia, or even executed. To escape this fate, many Russians claimed they belonged to different Slavic nationalities - anything but Russian.

Many Russian immigrants, who arrived in the third wave and settled in the United States after World War II became the victims of the widespread suspicion that they were Soviet agents and spies, who had infiltrated the Russian émigré community in the United States. Anti-Soviet feelings were on the rise. Congressional investigations, spurred by Senator Joseph McCarthy, on Communist infiltration reached their peak in the early 1950s, and many Russians were wrongly accused of communist activity or sympathies. Whether in Europe or North America, it was not a good time for an immigrant to admit Russian ancestry.

The third immigration wave included Russians from all classes, particularly farm laborers and industrial workers. Most of them, as many other East European immigrants, settled in large American industrial areas like New York and Chicago becoming engineers, educators, government employees, and factory workers.

4 Wave: A Second Exodus
The fourth immigration wave from the Soviet Union represented the struggle of conflicting ideologies and political systems. The main reasons for immigration from the Soviet Union and other East European countries included widespread anti-semitism, tight government control of the lives of ordinary citizens, a difficult economic situation, and the violation of basic rights such as freedom of speech and religious practice.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

from USA with love....

My name is Dina. And here is another happy internet story and I truly believe that you can find love on the internet, as I found mine on luckylovers, no matter what anyone says. That changed my life forever.

USA Russia love

As a result of constant chatting I fell in love with a man from USA, this man later became my husband. I never would have thought it possible to love someone without seeing them in real life or touching them. Through the wonder of the internet we met and our faith in real love brought us together. We started to chat privately, completely ignoring everything around us, both in our real lives and also on the net. I told him about my uneasy life. I told him about my biggest treasures in life – my two children. We agreed that I will come to see him. I t was a big step for me and didn't really know what I would face with on the other side of the world. God was me at that time. What I found was the most loving man I had ever met. We spent three wonderful months together before I had to return back home to sort out my life. I missed my children very much.

But time apart with Steward turned to be unbearable. Three months later he was ready to come to Russia for our reunion. Steward was eager to come to my country. But I realize it would be a real challenge for him. So many differences are between our countries. But as fate had pointed it, he had to return to the USA. What to do then…I had to make the decision…the decision about my children… I didn't want to leave them behind, and couldn't take them with me to an unknown country…I just did not want to hurt them in anyway…and there were also problems with my ex-husband (he did not let them to go with me).

Steward and I were finally married back in USA and it was a wonderful day. The only thing that would have made it perfect was if my boys had been with me. In summer my sons came for a holiday with my mother to the USA. They stayed for five weeks and I only wish it could have been longer…forever. But the boys are young and are at school and couldn’t be away from their school friends and surroundings. I couldn’t believe my eyes. They were here at last! After what seemed a lifetime of waiting outside their gate, I saw them, I moved towards them and held out my arms; they ran straight into them. They had traveled around the world to see me. We knew the five weeks would go quickly and so we had planned on making it as busy as possible.

The most memorable day of the holiday was the day we drove to Disneyland. It was a big surprise for the boys. We pulled into the car park of Disneyland in the morning, to let the boys have a good time there. I asked them if they knew where we were. Having a quick look around saw a Mickey Mouse picture and a Disney symbol, they screamed with delight. They couldn't believe they were in Disneyland. They love Winnie the Pooh and Tiger so much.

But the fairy tale had to come to its end and soon the day of their departure came. They didn't want to leave me, but I had no choice. In some years when they would be more mature they could make the decision where to live for themselves. I also think of the great experience they had here in USA. They saw many places, things and people. They made many new friends. So I am living now, flying here and there, sometimes feeling torn between two countries and only due to Steward understanding and support I can bear this all.

I wish, I hope, I pray soon we all be one happy family…
Dina and Steward.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

dating younger women

Mick Jagger, Rupert Murdoch and Michael Douglas all have the right idea, evolutionarily speaking, states newscientist.com . Statistics show that monogamous men have the most children if they marry women younger than themselves. How much younger is the key question.

Last year, a study of Swedish census information suggested a 4 to 6-year age gap is best, but new research has found that in some circumstances a surprisingly large gap - 15 years - is the optimum.

Martin Fieder at the University of Vienna and Susanne Huber of the University of Veterinary Medicine, also in Vienna, Austria, studied the Swedish data and found that a simple equation related the age difference of the parents to the number of offspring. For people who had maintained monogamous relationships throughout adulthood, the most children were found in couples where the man was 4.0 to 5.9 years older than the woman.

The probable reasons behind this state of affairs are not controversial: "Men want younger women because they are physically attractive," says Fieder, while women tend to prioritize a partner who can provide security and stability, and so tend to opt for older men.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Russian hottie in Australia

Russian hottie brings special skills to Australia’s dream job.

SYDNEY - The Brisbane judging panel was investigating press reports that one of the 50 candidates it shortlisted for the dream job of caretaker on a paradise island in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, a Russian girl worked as a porn star.

Britain’s scandal-mongering The Sun newspaper alleged that Russian police had interviewed Julia Yalovitsyna for her links with erotic film studios in her hometown of Petrazavodsk.

‘We are taking the claims made in the media seriously and are currently investigating the matter,’ a spokeswoman for the state government department running the innovative tourism promotion campaign said. ‘Tourism Queensland will decide on a course of action once we have accurate information.’

An astonishing 34,634 applicants were left clinging to the hope of being the sole wildcard entry when the Top 50 was named last month. The 11 finalists will be named and flown to Queensland’s Hamilton Island in May.

The Top 50 - from Britain, the US, Japan, Canada, Germany, Greece, India, China, Russia and 13 other countries - were selected on the creativity of the 60-second video-clip applications they submitted.

Like many of the women who applied, Yalovitsyna was bikini-clad in her pitch for the six-month posting.

If successful, she’ll be required to clean a swimming pool, feed fish and produce a blog to relay to the world her impressions of Hamilton as a holiday destination.

The dream job, though real, is essentially the hook in a tourism promotion campaign. Yalovitsyna and the rest of the Top 50 can be viewed on the islandreefjob.com website.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Russian woman in Dubai

A 28-year-old Russian woman, who visited Dubai on a tourist visa, and a 30-year-old male citizen of Lebanon, a salesman in a local store, were put on trial for drinking juice in a public place in the daytime during Muslim fasting.

The police caught the two people red-handed at a gas station in Dubai, Emirat.ru reports with reference to Gulf News.

In accordance with the Federal Penal Code of the United Arab Emirates, a public intake of food and beverages during daytime hours of the month of Ramadan is forbidden by Article 313. The article stipulates the punishment in the form of either a monetary penalty – up to 2,000 dirhems ($555) – or even a term of up to one month in prison.

The young people told the court that they were not Muslims and were thus unaware of the fact that their actions could be punishable.

The court took the mitigating circumstances into consideration, but found the defendants guilty, since ignorance did not exclude responsibility. The court ruled that the young people must pay the fine of 1,000 dirhems ($278) each.

The case became the first one in Dubai in violation of Article 313 since the beginning of the month of Ramadan on September 1.

Thousands of men and women from Europe and Asia reside in the emirate of Dubai, the major tourist center of the Persian Gulf . Dubai is known as a relatively liberal region in comparison with other territories of the UAE. Tourists can be seen in the streets wearing shorts, whereas alcoholic beverages can often be available in bars and hotels.

This year, however, the authorities intend to remind all residents and guests of the emirate that they are staying on the territory of a Muslim country. There have been quite a number of incidents recently when the local police in plain clothes arrested women sunbathing topless, nudists and other violators of public order.

Many tourists acknowledge that that they do not always understand how they should behave in Dubai.

Guide-books advise tourists should always carry their IDs, or better their copies, with them for the majority of police officers wear plain clothes and can be rather meticulous in their inspections.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

if american men want to date foreign women....

Maryland men who wish to communicate with foreign women may need to visit their local police station if a highly controversial proposed Maryland bill (HB 596) becomes law. HB 596 recently introduced into the Maryland General Assembly by Delegate Joanne Benson would shockingly require Maryland residents to submit to criminal background checks before communication can begin if they use an international dating or pen pal site.

Perhaps the most appalling provision would potentially require Maryland men to provide to the Central Repository “a complete set of legible fingerprints taken at any designated state or local law enforcement office…” before they can initiate communication with a foreign woman. This is the type of draconian government intrusion into the personal sphere that Joseph Stalin would have approved.

Penalties for violations of the dating law include a fine not exceeding $12,000 or imprisonment not exceeding one year or both.

The title of the bill “Regulation of Marriage Brokers” is misleading and was used to suggest something sinister is occurring which needs to be regulated. The bill is littered with false, misleading and confusing language designed to suggest that international dating and friendship- a perfectly legitimate pursuit is somehow connected to trafficking or arranged marriages. These are actually two dissimilar activities and one activity is legal while the other activity is a crime. HB 596 would dangerously conflate both the legal and illegal activity as if they were the same.

The bill states it would regulate various for- profit enterprises including those that offer matrimonial and dating services. But the criminal disclosure requirements are performed before the couple has even met. How can you regulate matrimonial services if a relationship doesn’t even exist? It should come as no surprise that Delegate Joanne Benson the sponsor of this poorly written law is one of the most liberal lawmakers within the Maryland General Assembly.

Obviously the regulation of so-called “marriage brokers” is a spoof which surreptitiously masks the reality of a law that would violate the privacy rights of Maryland men. Simply put there is no justification to require Maryland citizens to provide their police records before they can exchange e mails with a foreigner. This is a blatant violation of the first Amendment (freedom of speech and freedom of association), the fifth and fourteenth Amendments (equal protection) as well as violations of article 2, 24, 40, 44 and article 46 in the Declaration of Rights of the Maryland Constitution.

Monday, July 6, 2009

russian singles in New York

The Russian-speaking population surged 254 percent from 1990 to 1998, currently totaling over 4 million Russian-speakers in the USA. Nearly 90% of this population lives in and around major urban centers, with large concentrations in New York City and the surrounding Tri-State area.

New York has the largest single Russian heritage population, with 460,261 people.

Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs of New York City, located southwest of Queens on the western tip of Long Island. An independent city until its consolidation with New York in 1898, Brooklyn is New York City's most populous borough, with 2.5 million residents and it is the most popular living place for Russians in New York.

According to 2005 U.S. Census Bureau 5.95% of 2.5 million are Russians.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Is the USA Violating the Rights of Foreign Women and Men?

Robert Mocny the Director of the US Visit program stated that all foreign nationals departing from two airports in the United States will have have their finger prints and pictures taken. The pilot program will be launched in Atlanta Georgia and Detroit Michigan.

The procedure will become mandatory for everyone including USA citizens and foreigners from 2010 onward. American authorities say that the procedure will not make passengers stay at the airports any longer than normal.

The screening process will take up to 1.6 minutes US officials claim.

Until recently, fingerprints were taken only from foreigners holding US entry visas. They received special passport inlays indicating the dates of their stay in the country as a result of the procedure. Now the question is this BIG Brother going to far? It almost sounds like a science fiction movie.

“Once a visa is issued and tied with a biometric, and once a passport is issued and tied to a biometric, that passport or visa cannot be used by anybody else,” Mocny said. “There are tens of millions of lost or stolen passports that circulate the globe on the black market used by international criminals and terrorists. This (biometric verification) puts a stop to that,” Mocny said.

The holders of green cards and the US citizens holding biometric passports will have their prints taken too.

Many people from around the world feel this will bring more problems and harm the image of the USA. Are Americans simply misunderstood around the world?