Friday, August 28, 2009

Russian beautiful women

For foreign men Anna Kournikova is a symbol of Russian beautiful woman. Other famous Russians adored in the West, are Natalya Vodyanova, Evgeniya Volodina, Sasha Pivovarova, Anna Vyalitsina, Maria Sharapova and many others.

On various resorts Russian women are well-groomed, bright, with make up and high heels on. Every day millions of young Russian women go outside like if they go on the catwalk: with perfect hairdo, manicure and chiropody, best attires high heels on. In this way they go shopping. The distance of the trip doesn’t matter – it can be a small shop round the corner or a trade center on the other side of the city.

travelersdigest has a list of top 10 countries with the most beautiful women
and Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia and Estonia - 5 FSU countries has made to top beautiful women list.

euro russian girl

10. Denmark
the women of Denmark are remarkable in their beauty & their charm.

9. Netherlands
Dutch girls have to be some of the world's most amazing. Dutch women have more than that, they're complete, they're incredible, they're the kind of girls who hang out drinking wine in the park with you randomly philosophizing, & they're also the kind of girls who will makeout with you in that same very park. (If they like you of course, this is not a poor country, it's about who you are, the girls here aren't impressed by status or anything like that.)

blonde russian girl

8. Estonia
Ahh & now the Eastern European countries come into play. Estonia is a very small country, & seemingly insignificant, but it's astonishing if only because of the girls. Beautiful they are, you can find some of the world's best looking women in any nightclub in Tallinn's Old Town, on any day of the week.

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7. Ukraine
The Black Sea coast of the Ukraine is world famous for gorgeous girls in scantily clad bathing suits. And rightly so, but more so than that the entire country is filled to the brims with beautiful women. From Odessa to Kiev, the Ukraine beauty.

russian bride brunette

6. Belarus
It's often been said that Eastern Europe is the valley of beautiful women, & in that context Belarus is one of the more fertile spots. Sure the country may be drab, dreary, & socialist architecture reigns supreme, but the women are to die for. They manage to turn this country from extremely boring, to a place you never want to leave.

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5. Latvia
Latvia is just wondrous. This little Baltic nation, such a small country, with hardly no international fame or reputation, is home to some of the world's most beautiful girls hands down. Drop-dead beauties roam the streets, & they're friendly too, can't beat that now can you?

real russian woman

4. Bulgaria
Bulgaria may as well change its name to "Beautyland" as it is a proverbial theme park of beautiful women. Everything from dark hair to light, & from bright eyes to well brighter eyes. Bulgaria is filled with amazing women all the way from the mountainous region of the capital Sofia to the beautiful beaches on the Black Sea coast.

3. Russia
This list has pretty much read out as an Eastern European geography lesson, & with good reason. Slavic women are the most beautiful overall in the world, & Russia is the big leagues as far as Eastern Europe goes. The women here are not only beautiful, they're seductive. With one glance they can capture your heart, they look at you as if they know they could do anything in the world & you'd like it, & basically that's true.

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2. Argentina
Argentina is definitely the cream of the crop as far as Latin America, well really as far as the whole Western Hemisphere goes. Argentineans, specifically those of Buenos Aires are a people made up mostly of Italian migrants from the 19th & early 20th century, but I must say that they must have been migrants from Milan all with super model genes, because the people here are stunning.

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1. Sweden
Of course Sweden lands at the number one spot. How could it not, it's Sweden for goodness sake! The women here are so ridiculously beautiful that it's hard to breathe sometimes when in their presence. Blond hair, & bright eyes, personalities that are beautiful to match, what more could anyone ever ask for?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Real Russian Girls

There are statistically more women than men in the world... You have great chances! Just live your life, don't be desperate. Be friendly, make lots of friends, be yourself and a relationship will fall into your lap when you least expect it!

There are thousands and thousands of russian girls online seeking for love.. dating.. marriage and sometimes money, no one can vouch for the intentions of every single person who goes in search of a date or a marriage partner. Many western men find it incredible that girls, especially these so called "russian brides", really want these things - fidelity, commitment, family. Knowing how much scam and marriage fraud is associated with many many Russian Brides agencies, it is tempting to dismiss women who claim to want these things all together;

If you are looking, essentially, be cautious, use common sense and try not to force it, and it won't happen, relax... Don't obsess over what you think you don't have and you'll soon be pleasantly surprised!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

online dating

Making that big decision to take online dating seriously is a leap of faith. It is a leap of faith because you have a certain degree of hope in your heart that somehow… somewhere… someday… you will meet that special someone whom you want to spend the rest of your life with. it is a leap of faith because there is also a great chance that there is actually no one there for you and what you only have is your hope and faith.

However, once you set on using russian online
dating sites, you will have great prospects of meeting new friends and possibilty of finding HER, your
beautiful Russian bride. Great prospects doesn’t necessarily mean that you will find the One. Great prospects doesn’t necessarily mean your work is done.

To date and finally marry that special woman you dream about means investment: a lot of hard work, patience and perseverance.

online dating

You need a lot of patience, and you need it without limitations. Patience will keep you in the game. Patience will fuel your engine. Patience will give you the power to hold on. Hard work and patience get a real backing up with perseverance. They both get a big push with perseverance on hand because hanging on gives one the benefit of the doubt for the hard work done and the profit of being patient. Online daters should be tough. Online daters should be vigilant. Online daters should have a certain degree of firmness to handle ups and downs.

During long years of hard work, patience and perseverance you will meet all kinds of women, great and tricky, honest and dishonest, ugly... beautiful... young.. old... you will have virtual relationships you can not even imagine in the real world. You will get experience and continue to work hard, be patient.

It might be easy for you, there are always exception, but if it does not and will be exactly hard and long and sometimes devastating.. still do not give up, your big love will find you.. or you will find her....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Russian Beauties

Russian artist Igor Tcholaria’s reworks Modigliani’s women, Picasso, the Commedia dell’Arte and the circus. Tcholaria’s work was once banned by the Soviet state; considered “too radical” according to his agent. This all changed once the art establishment became less in awe of those in power and began to question their motives.

Russian Beauties - a selection of his work opens at Hay Hill gallery in Mayfair this week. For a taster click here.

Friday, August 14, 2009

young Russian women in Norway

Increasing globalization and international mobility have gradually affected the marriage market in Norway, the factor that has contributed to the increase in marriages where the women is a lot younger than the man is called mail order marriages.

In 2002,

7 out of 10 marriages entered into were between two Norwegian citizens

10% were marriages between two immigrants

7% were between a Norwegian woman and a foreign man

12% were between a Norwegian man and a foreign woman.

The latter group in particular has increased dramatically in recent years, with the majority of men marrying women from non-western countries, especially young Russia and Asia women. These women are often much younger than their Norwegian husbands. Whilst the proportion of marriages where the man was at least 6 years older in marriages between two Norwegian citizens was only 20 per cent, the figure was almost 60 per cent for marriages between Norwegian men and foreign women. Additionally, in the increasing percentage of marriages between persons with an immigrant background, the man is often much older.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

good news for all russian brides

good news for all russian brides :) - royalty does marry commoners, the perfect example is a marriage of prince of Norway.

A FOUR-YEAR-OLD boy stole a nation's heart in the most unconventional royal wedding as Norway celebrated the marriage of its heir to the throne in front of many crowned heads of Europe.

In an emotional and unique ceremony, a single mother and former waitress married Crown Prince Haakon, 28, in Oslo, with her son Marius centre stage of celebrations.

Mette-Marit (the wife) comes from an ordinary middle-class family. Her youth, by her account, was depraved rather than deprived. She was a waitress for a year and a half, dipped her toe into various courses – engineering, journalism and social anthropology – without completing any. For three years before becoming pregnant with Marius, she merely partied.

But Prince Haakon, a nerdy 28-year-old going on 50, is madly in love with her. King Harald, who himself defied his father over the choice of his bride, has warmly welcomed her into the bosom of the family.

princes! russian brides are waiting for you

Thursday, August 6, 2009

trapped in Italy

The distress call came from Donetsk, the bleak center of coal production in southern Ukraine. A woman was screaming on the telephone line. Her sister and a friend were prisoners in a bar somewhere near Rome. They spoke no Italian and had no way out, but had managed, briefly, to get hold of a man's cell phone.

"Do you have any idea where they are, exactly?" asked Olga Shved, who runs La Strada in Kiev, Ukraine's new center dedicated to fighting the trafficking of women in Eastern Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

The woman's answer was no. Ms. Shved began searching for files and telephone numbers of the local consul, the police, anybody who could help.

"Do they know how far from Rome they are?" she asked, her voice tightening with each word. "What about the name of the street or the bar? Anything will help," she said, jotting notes furiously as she spoke. "We can get the police on this, but we need something. If they call back, tell them to give us a clue. The street number. The number of a bus that runs past. One thing is all we need."

Ms. Shved hung up and called officials at Ukraine's Interior Ministry and the Foreign Ministry. Her conversations were short, direct and obviously a routine part of her job.

That is because Ukraine -- and to a lesser degree its Slavic neighbors Russia and Belarus -- has replaced Thailand and the Philippines as the epicenter of the global business in trafficking women. The Ukrainian problem has been worsened by a ravaged economy, an atrophied system of law enforcement, and criminal gangs that grow more brazen each year. Young European women are in demand, and Ukraine, a country of 51 million people, has a seemingly endless supply. It is not that hard to see why.

Neither Russia nor Ukraine reports accurate unemployment statistics. But even partial numbers present a clear story of chaos and economic dislocation. Federal employment statistics in Ukraine indicate that more than two-thirds of the unemployed are women. The government also keeps another statistic: employed but not working. Those are people who technically have jobs, and can use company amenities like day-care centers and hospitals. But they do not work or get paid. Three-quarters are women. And of those who have lost their jobs since the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991, more than 80 percent are women.

The average salary in Ukraine today is slightly less than $30 a month, but it is half that in the small towns that criminal gangs favor for recruiting women to work abroad. On average, there are 30 applicants for every job in most Ukrainian cities. There is no real hope; but there is freedom.

In that climate, looking for work in foreign countries has increasingly become a matter of survival.

"It's no secret that the highest prices now go for the white women," said Marco Buffo, executive director of On the Road, an antitrafficking organization in northern Italy. "They are the novelty item now. It used to be Nigerians and Asians at the top of the market. Now it's the Ukrainians."

Economics is not the only factor causing women to flee their homelands. There is also social reality. For the first time, young women in Ukraine and Russia have the right, the ability and the willpower to walk away from their parents and their hometowns. Village life is disintegrating throughout much of the former Soviet world, and youngsters are grabbing any chance they can find to save themselves.

"After the wall fell down, the Ukrainian people tried to live in the new circumstances," said Ms. Shved. "It was very hard, and it gets no easier. Girls now have few opportunities yet great freedom. They see 'Pretty Woman,' or a thousand movies and ads with the same point, that somebody who is rich can save them. The glory and ease of wealth is almost the basic point of the Western advertising that we see. Here the towns are dying. What jobs there are go to men. So they leave."

First, however, they answer ads from employment agencies promising to find them work in a foreign country. Here again, Russian crime gangs play a central role. They often recruit people through seemingly innocuous "mail order bride" meetings. Even when they do not, few such organizations can operate without paying off one gang or another. Sometimes want ads are almost honest, suggesting that the women can earn up to $1,000 a month as "escorts" abroad. Often they are vague or blatantly untrue.

Monday, August 3, 2009

with Love from Moldova!

Michael, Germany, shares his love story to a beautiful girl from Moldova:

To be frank, I`ve never thought that I could find my sweetheart in the internet.
It was all just for fun and nothing more, actually this was my first experience, I do not mention some flirting around where both sides were aware of its virtuality. So now I can tell that I am a lucky fellow.

When I`ve separated with my wife I felt myself rather abandoned. It was really the worst period in my life and I know what it is. It was not ok, but it still was, I have somebody at my side and she had to, we so used to it that nobody wanted to change it, but it could not last forever, you know two complete strangers in one flat, nothing more. So she made her first step, and I found out myself alone in my flat, no strangers at my side, but no warmth as well. But it happened and I was a kind of lost, i didn’t want to do anything; I did not want to look at women, sometimes I all got so bad that I even thought about suicide. Ye, so think twice before divorcing, ye, it hurts, guys.

Despite of this all I worked and met my friends and at one party I met my friend David who told me a great love story of him and Alla, little cute sexy Russian girl. Later he introduced his new (terrible word for such a case) girlfriend and they told that their romance started on the net. She was so young and amazing, and they looked really great, this Slavic woman with her openness to the world and my serious western friend.

I thought it all over and over and registered myself on dating site luckylovers with a subtle hope to find my soul mate there. After my divorce I actually became more ironic and was rather hypercritical to everybody. Ok, be sure not all the girls from FSU are cute and pretty, there are many so dumb that they made me wonder. At first I started a kind of relationships with a girl from Belarus. She was great in communication and I started liking her, but real meeting was a real disappointing, she was much older than on her pictures and though she was still great but no chemistry was between us.
She was not my destiny for sure.

Then there were some problems at my work, that’s why I stopped my searches for some time, I was not on the site for more than three months and almost forgot about this all. But a mail came to my e-mail address (I chose this option when I was in), there was a simple letter in bad German from Moldavian girl. Her name was Svetlana and she wrote to me something about herself in a very plain words. I thought one more stupid baby but after logging in I checked her profile. And these eyes had a cupid arrow in them; I was stunned and was so angry at myself for not answering her at once. But she was kinder than me and we started our net relationships. She was right the opposite of David’s girlfriend, not blond, not little, but she was the best. Later we met each other in Moldova and then a month later in Germany. I introduced Svetlana to my mom and they made friends soon.

We are together now, but I still remember our first date, this first meeting, and that first night together. I’ve never been to Moldova before, and I liked this place. It is the birthplace of our love and we are going to celebrate our wedding anniversary there.

So I did it, I found the girl I always dreamed about and I shared our story with you. And now I wish to say GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE IN THE SEARCHES OF YOUR LOVE!
Michael and Svetlana.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

are single women sex-starved?

When it comes to sex, single women have all kinds of ways of dealing with—and without—it. A relatively low number, just 22 percent, of the 45-plus single women in AARP's "Sexuality at Midlife and Beyond" study were sexually active in the past six months, and only 18 percent had a regular sex partner. But either way, they weren't hung up about it. "After age 50 a number of single women want fun sex," says author Levine. "This is a no-holds-barred period of their lives—they're more sexually adventurous and easygoing, and while sex isn't the biggest deal in the world, they're more willing to take pleasure when it comes." Of the single women in AARP's sexuality study, 15 percent had watched adult films with a partner, 14 percent had used sex toys, 10 percent had had phone sex, and 7 percent had exchanged frisky notes or e-mails. And in the past six months 26 percent had masturbated.

But sexual urges aren't the main driving force for single women dating, at least in the same way they are for men. Some 11 percent of the men in the AARP lifestyles, dating, and romance survey, for instance, said the main reason they date is to fulfill their sexual needs, versus a mere 2 percent of the women. And 24 percent of single women in the same survey agreed that they could be happy never having sex again.

are all single women are desperate to find a mate?

Open to a nice relationship? You betcha. But obsessed with finding a partner? Hardly.
Given the option, many single women wouldn't mind a committed relationship with a cuddly, caring partner—preferably someone with minimal emotional baggage and the kind of income to support a nice summer house, facts supported by an AARP survey, "Lifestyles, Dating & Romance: A Study of Midlife Singles." It finds that 31 percent of single women 40 through 69 are in an exclusive relationship, and another 32 percent are dating nonexclusively. But it also finds that a surprising number couldn't care less. About one in 10 have no desire to date at all, and another 14 percent say that while they'd date the right guy if he came along, they aren't going to knock themselves out trying to find him. (The remaining 13 percent are, indeed, looking.)

In fact, most of those who aren't dating seem disinclined to change that situation anytime soon. Among 40-plus women who hadn't been on a date in the past three years, 68 percent say they just aren't interested in dating or being in a romantic relationship, though 61 percent of them would reconsider if they met someone interesting. Those who do date say it requires a philosophical balance between putting on a game face on Saturday night and not getting stressed if nothing develops.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

russian women online affected by stalking

A new study revealed the worrying fact that about 4 percent of all russian women using online singles dating sites already had a problem with stalking by their online daters.

What is stalking? Stalking is an sulky answer to unrequited love. Unwanted daily telephone calls, e-mails or presents are already categorized as “stalking”. Stalking is a another expression for “insistent tracking”.

Four unwanted efforts to get in contact in one month are already labeled as “stalking”. The typical stalking victim is a young russian single woman. There is absolutely no influence in the educational achievement. Most of the women stay a stalking victim for years.