Saturday, September 26, 2009

sexy russian accent

the poll hold at

shows that western men mostly prefer Sexy russian accent while russian women prefer either English (British) or Scottish and French!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Latvian woman in Seattle

Latvian woman living in Seattle, WA, USA shares her dating and marriage story:

I had used another dating service, but after a bad experience with a guy that ended up following and chasing me I decided to switch to some other. I choose luckylovers dating site from the others, because here I had more control over who spoke to me and I could choose (you would not believe but there were sites I was pushed to answer to everybody if want to be a member). How stupid I was! So, it was 7:14pm and I had just finished doing checking’s for my business on the computer when I got a message that said "Hi I'm online right now and want to chat" I looked at his profile and saw that he was from the USA, Seattle, Washington. That was terribly so far that I thought to myself why not, he is so long way away!

I was really shocked when he said his name was Rudolph - it was hard to believe but that was the same name as that first man had. So from the very beginning I was so sceptical and did not believe a word, but still chatted. Oh, these women! So this started many hours on the computer, long phone calls, sms messages to our cell phones and then we realised that there we were becoming more than just friends. We missed each other and lived only from call to chat.

We both felt the internet was a great mean of getting to know someone from the inside out – no physical contact, but only that inner attraction by personality.
He arrived in Latvia in half a year and it was as it had to be – everything was great. After that meeting when we knew we are already together there were so many things in our life – it looked like the fate was asking us – Are you sure? I got seriously ill and he helped me, then he lost his job and I tried to help him (unfortunately I could only support him verbally, but now he jokes that I was the best psychologist and if not me that would be much worse. Now when all this came to an end I think that these obstacles were necessary to us to overcome and to become stronger. Now we are together, I entered the University in the USA and we are working on our papers. I do still get homesick and his daughter continues to give me problems but I’m the happiest woman in the Earth to have this little great family of mine. We are planning to go to Latvia altogether this so we can finally all meet my family! (My mom has not seen her granddaughter yet and this is only one sad thing to live so far away –missing friends and relatives).

it is sometime so hard to believe that one single Latvian girl met her best American man and got a beautiful daughter in the most unexpected places, like on a dating site. Lama and Rudolph.

Friday, September 18, 2009

is travel to Russia safe?

- There's always the chance of terrorism

- You can be abducted by aliens and have various probes inserted into your orifices within a week

- You will end up being taken hostage by a maniac there

- Everybody there are maniacs. Be very careful. Hostages are taken just on streets by hundreds.

- Beware of gopniks! Like these:

- and this

- Beware of the bears roaming the streets of almost every city in Russia

- Learn Russian because nobody speaks English

- You have a high chance to lose your сell or wallet and probably be beaten in the process

- You may wake up to find myself in a tub full of ice, missing your kidneys

- You might be sold to slavery

- They are all communists and hate westerners

- Police in Russia wont help you unless you bribe them

are you scared to go to Russia yet? LOL, I hope you get it, it was a joke and I am laughing my teeth off

Monday, September 14, 2009

russian women dating tips

* Despite cheap prostitutes available, Russia is not a good place for sex tourism. Unless, of course, you are looking for a quick and uncreative way to part with your money and pick up something embarrassing if not downright nasty.

* Avoid dating agencies that offer catalogs of pretty faces. This approach automatically puts you in the position of a client picking up a piece of meat off the rack. Use dating sites.

dating site

* Don't expect anyone to do the job for you while you just fly in and out with your trophy.

* Avoid the "rich foreigner" image.

* Do not rush into binding decisions.

* Do not let yourself be a duped.

* Spend time in Russia. Socialize. Get a job, which is quite easy if you know English and have minimal teaching skills - there are plenty of vacancies in language schools.. Let a circle of acquaintances form naturally. With some luck you will find the right woman.

* Be ready for linguistic and cultural challenges. Learn Russian well enough to understand what is happening around you.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Kiev girl's love and new life in USA

Well it all started when I was dismissed from university in December 2005. My mom was far away and seemed did not care much for me, my health state was terrible and my financial situation urged for improvement. As far as I could not pay for my studies anymore – I was dismissed. I was deeply sad and there were not seen any slightest light in the end of the tunnel. I decided started looking for a job, but since I was ill I was staying at home on money my father sent me (it happened from time to time when he remembered he has a daughter. So I was deeply depressed, ill and I urgently needed a loving shoulder to cry on, but I hate the thought about seeing any of people who surrounded me when everything was well and I was just a spoiled daughter of wealthy parents. I was sitting in a flat in the centre of Kiev ( the one bought to me by my parents during their last awareness about my existence) and searching the net trying to find at least somebody who could willingly (or unwillingly) listen to my awful story about how life could be unjust.
So I logged in on the several singles sites where I was a member and started chatting. It was around the midnight when the pop up window with Private Talk popped up on luckylovers dating site and that was the first time I met Jeff. He told he found me on the list of those who were online and contacted me, but then something with electricity happen and I the connection was broken. After an hour or so, I was online again and I tried to find him. He was in the list of those who has recently viewed my profile so I found him easily. He was still online, he later told me that was waiting and hoping I would appear sooner or later. Well, Jeff is rather self-confident, the feature I really like in people. He also told me that he was trying to contact me before and without any results. I must admit there were some cases I left my computer when I was logged in and then only closed the windows of Private Talk which popped up when I was away.
Soon we were chatting away talking about small things, and then he said that he had to go to bed, as it was almost morning in the USA. It was late evening where I was and I still had nothing to do and I really regretted he had to go as I started enjoying the conversation. So again and again I was waiting for him and we chatting for hours, I even put ”do not disturb” sign to prevent anybody contacting me anymore. At least when we were speaking…
I trusted him so much and he pushed me to get back to the University, I had to pay for my studies at this time but he convinced me that this way is the best one, he even helped me with my individual works on literature and that eventually brought more subjects to be discussed.
The summer break was coming up for me from college, so we thought it would be a good time for us to hop on a plane and at least meet each other. We decided to do this in the third country, Bulgaria. I told my folks that I was going to Bulgaria for the summer break, and they really did not like the idea of me staying with somebody I had met on the internet, there was a big argument there, but they didn't stop me from going.
The last is history as they say, but the most wonderful history possible as I am living in the USA and we are waiting a child. Nelya and Jeff.