Saturday, October 31, 2009

russian singles in Denver

Don't limit yourselves, russian singles in Denver has been using Internet dating for decades. This russian dating industry has boomed as more and more singles learned how to meet people via cyberspace. For those singles who are living and working in Denver, there are many community websites such as Meet In Denver and Denver Meet Up that are ways to form groups in your area of interest and then have other people join you in your pursuit of having fun or meeting other people.

russian woman in Colorado

You can as well join a specialty russian dating site where you can meet russian singles not just in Denver, but all over the states or even in Russia and other FSU countires. The russian dating sites like give you the possibility to browse thousands of ads of russian singles in USA and Russia.

• There are many ways and means on meeting russian singles. Don't stick to just one avenue. Check LL dating site , check out other sites, meet people at local Denver events, don't go to just one, go to many different events.

• Be safe. This goes without saying, as we need to be careful in meeting people at first until we get to know them.

• Have fun. Leave your serious side at home and just go out and meet people

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Russian Jewish singles dating

for a long time it was a J Date - dating site for Jews where one could find Jewish singles for dating and marriage, but not any more, J Date quoted 11% gentiles on the site, but Jewish singles who are using the site state that this figure is grossly underestimated. There are close to 40% non-Jews on Jdate (and this number is increasing) and when Jewish singles complain to J date they refused to do anything about it. J Date advertises on several Jewish websites (newspapers, etc.) as the dating service for Jewish singles but visitors to their site are hard pressed to find the words "Jewish" or "Jew" anywhere on their site.

When J date was asked why can't they have featured prominently on their site that "J date is a dating service for Jewish singles" their reply was "that's illegal." Is it illegal for the Baltimore Jewish Times or The Jewish Week of New York to have the word "Jewish" featured all over their sites or as part of their name? No.

What J date is all about is attracting as many people, Jews and non-Jews to their site, so they can sell memberships and they could not care less if J date is fast becoming only 50% Jewish membership and soon Jewish members will be the minority, again the minority!

Is it really so much to ask that a JEWISH dating website says that it is a website for Jewish singles??

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

nothing personal, just dating?

My name is Terry McAllen, I’m from Ireland and here is my internet dating love story. I did not have any problems with my personal life and there were always a lot of girls around. But at the same time there was always a feeling of loneliness as well. So after some time I found the way to solve my problem with the help of the internet. I was parting and having fun as before but I had some rather serious conversations with the people (girls mostly from all over the world) through the net. Actually now I'm feeling that more and more people are starting to meet each other over the internet and make the connections which make them fuller. And I pity those who have so narrow choice for the soul mates years ago. I never net anybody interesting to me in the bar or disco, so how they did manage that???

All that makes me wonder if my story is that unique I think it is. I know there are many other stories like mine but I decided to share it with you, because even being alike all case is personal and only one possible.

I have been looking for my special someone since I was 28 years old. I got the feeling I need a girlfriend and mate rather early and that is why I was rather a guy to mock at while all my mates were rather satisfied with what they had.

After years and years of unsuccessful searching I decided to give international dating sites a try. I registered on a few of them and well, it was an overwhelming success. I got so many letters from here and there that I even did not care about answering all of them – now I would act differently, by the way.

Elisabeth whom I met on luckylovers was the most stubborn of them all from the very beginning. She sent me so many letters sometimes with nothing but a smile there, that I did not value those letters so much (so sad I did not keep all of them, because of my carelessness, if only I knew). I was flirting with many girls everywhere, but she was also the one who would always tell me she didn't want to date but rather be friends. And then in a while she stopped writing and after a week or so I’ve got the feeling I miss her stupid cards and just smiles, but the most terrible thing was that I did not knew anything about her, I mean we did not exchange our e-mail addresses or phone way possible was left to contact her outside luckylovers. And here it all started, every time I logged in I checked her profile but it was not active anymore, she did not logged in and that was all. You would not believe the world crashed to me when once I saw her online, I wrote her warm letter and guess what….she did not answered…she was often on the site, but made her profile unavailable for private talk and did not answer my letters. That was all so sad, nobody existed there since that time only she… my beautiful Ukrainian dream who kept silence.

I started thinking this all over and understood that from the very beginning I knew I had found someone very special but she was always so close and always ready to chat that I could not even thing she is possible to get lost.
So I was sitting the whole Saturday evening and typing a long letter of mine about this all (I even did not know whether she would read it) but it ended up with the words: Will you marry me?
And I got the answer with a short word “Yes” only!!! In an instant your whole world is turned completely upside down. Have you ever seen a monkey dance? If yes, you can easily imagine me doing the same. I print this Yes in huge letters and hang it on the wall. Then I asked her all her contacts to be sure I will never lose her anymore.

We met in person in three months in Odessa and….we never were aside since that. Yea, our physical bodies were apart for some time but she lives in my soul and will be living there ever after. And from December she lives not only in my soul, but in my house also))

Best Whishes to all,
Terry and Elisabeth McAllen

Friday, October 16, 2009

those russian names

Do you ever find it hard to remember those difficult Russian women names? You can still remember those beautiful faces, but those foreign names are so damn difficult to remember that it gets more frustrating with every new woman you meet? well, you are not the only one.

foreign bride

One of the way to remember is repetition, repetition, repetition. When you start your introduction with a russian woman, repeat her name several times when you write her a letter, keep repeating it in every chat you have or in every new email you send. "Hi, Sveta, nice to meet you. What kind of work you do, Sveta? Do you have any kids, Sveta? Sveta, I love talking to you, lets meet in chat tomorrow? Take care Sveta!"

Another memory method is to prounance her name not like Russians do, but find an equvalent in English and use English name - for example "Masha" is "Mari" , "Alena" is "Helen" , "Alisa" is "Alice", "Annya" is "Ann" etc.

Some russian women have famous names or have the same names as famous russian actresses or sportswomen have. example, if you are dating a woman whose name is Anastasiya, this one is easy to remember thanks to princess Anastasia, Natasha - Natasha from Russia, Anna is easy to remember if you link it to Anna Kournikova,
you go the idea?

If you forgot your russian or ukrainian bride's name, do not ask her again, do your best to find out what her name is by any other ways possible, women take serious offense when guys they are attracted to, do not remember their names. )))

Monday, October 12, 2009

hot russian women online

hot ukrainian woman

woman internet date

Sunday, October 11, 2009

muslim woman from Kazakhstan marriage to American man

" ... An idea of internet dating was wondering in my head since the town I live is not very big and I was often too busy at work to be able to meet new people.
Ok, I used this dating site and I saw his profile and decided to contact him. After two weeks i received a short respond from him. Short, brief thank you reply and that’s all, I thought he was too polite not to answer at all, but not interested really. It was by chance that we met online, we just apparently logged in at the same time! Amour shot his arrow!!! We spent our time chatting right away… and it was far more than 3 hours. Later on we exchanged couple of emails and our pictures too (neither his nor mine profile have them from the very beginning). On our 4th mail we exchanged our contact numbers and we started calling each other, emailing, chatting, text messages, snail mail. We used all possible ways of correspondence, although he is in Denver, USA and me in Kazakhstan, actually we kept in touch in every possible way. Soon we began to like and miss each other so much that could not spend a day without each other and i knew for sure that he is the man i have been waiting for.

Finally we decided to meet in person. I told my family about him and he told his family about me, but we still have to wait for some time. Ok, it was all pretty difficult to explain everything to my parents, they were not ready to accept such kind of relationships and they were really suspicious. Sometimes their suspicions passed to me and it were the moments of despair, but his only call or single mail calmed me down and everything became clear and evident by itself. All negative thoughts disappeared at the same moment.

It happened so that at that moment his close friend was flying to Kazakhstan on business and he decided not to wait till summer and follow him. I took a short vacation for 5 days and flew down to see him at my friend's place in Astana. So we met ...and the rest is history. I came back and we informed both our families. His family could not come for a proposal as mine wanted but we settled this down and they accepted him alone, lol. Ok, he arrived again in three months for a formal proposal and it was definitely accepted.

So we are engaged and now we are finalising our marriage dates and all this paper work and we can't wait to be together as real husband and wife soon. I understand that a long way is ahead and it is so difficult to be separate when you are already one being, but I am happy and thankful to ALLAH for allowing me to meet such a wonderful, understanding and a lovely man. I believed strongly that sincerity is the key to a success and all our efforts will be rewarded shortly....
Adia and Kent. "

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

meet russian singles online

Of all the things that technology has brought us over the past decade or two, online dating has perhaps made the biggest difference in the everyday lives of people.

Those who stayed at home alone on a Friday night, can now get online and meet someone to go out with.

Studies report that the majority of people find their mates at work or at school. But for those who are past school, and don’t work in a traditional setting, that doesn’t work, we obviously out of ways to meet singles.

Some people meet singles in bars or churches, but if you are not a drinker, or not a church goes, then you are out of luck.

So for those who are non-drinkers, non-religious, and don’t work in mainstream business occupations, and plus want to meet russian singles, people from a foreign country like Russia - online russian dating is absolutely perfect.

Using online russian dating, you can find someone who suits you on different levels. Some russian dating sites, like feature thousands of russian singles for you to meet, others will match you and your russian date based on your personality traits, likes and dislikes, and hobbies, etc. third will simply sell you email address of russian singles.

Overall, russian online dating is a great way to meet singles, find new friend and possibly establish a romantic connection, it is not that rare, there are more and more couple who have met online, fell in love and got married. You can search for russian singles by location, interests, size, or occupation. You can search for someone who likes to fish or you can find someone who loves dogs as much as you do.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Muslim women

Muslim women are winning elections, but women's rights are still an issue in the Muslim world.

In Pakistan, schools for girls are being burned down by the Taliban. In Afghanistan, a new law was just passed which makes marital rape legal. While in Iran, a presidential candidate's wife hits the campaign trail, and in Kuwait and Iraq, women are winning elections. In Cairo, president Obama talked about equality and education for Muslim girls and women.

Muslim women still face brutal repression in many countries, but in others they are breaking new ground. Guest host Sara Terry explores the view from the Muslim world, the role the United States should play in championing women's rights in other culture, and the impact of Michelle Obama might have on the changing landscape for women.

Before President Obama spoke, no one was sure if he was even going to talk about women's rights. Did he go far enough? What can a new US administration and a new First Lady do to help forward the cause of women's rights in the Muslim world? How are Muslim women forging their own gains in male-dominated societies?