Saturday, August 14, 2010

chatting about russian women

russian women dating are among popular and liked topics for bloggers and chatters to blab about, and it’s only natural, dating eventually ended up to be one of the numerous subjects for blogs, forums and chats, even yahoo answers.

However singles are not only blogging about their dates, but also integrating blogging into their dating lives. But what about the privacy issues of those poor souls featured in these dating blogs? Is it ethical for writers to reveal their dates names, photos or even some personal details, which could end up spining around internet? On the other hand, blogs are highly private, and frequently written for and by the general public, and there isn’t any reason why somebody can’t write about their own dating experiences, whether or not they are right or not, and with no regard for how they were given their info.

well, obviously something to think about, hah?

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