Sunday, August 8, 2010

russian dating sites

These days online dating considered to be a cool new and fun way to meet russian ladies vie russian dating sites. When online, you have the luxury of being anonymous and you do not have to communicate with russian women in person.

Those russian dating sites are can be easily used from absolutely any location – work, home, your cell phone etc. But, since its so easy to use, with the sense of enjoyment that can come from international online dating, a lot of men and women who are involved run into a high risk if becoming addicted.

Online dating addiction is a state when an online dater feel a compulsion to check his or her online dating profile at least once a day, chat to new people on a regular basis, having troubles staying away from his-her computer for a while.

Addicted singles log in online russian dating sites several times a day checking new messages or just browsing new photos and women profiles. The real trouble comes when he or she avoids doing a work or even avoids real physical social relationships to spend more time online.

The effects on the addict’s social and physical life could be really dangerous. As a lot of people feel ashamed to discuss their online dating addictions, it could go largely untreated as well as just unrecognized. If you feel hocked, if you fell you have an online russian dating addiction, there are some effective tips to help you:

Seek a professional help. You will be offered some steps and feedback that could help you to let go of your addiction. It will take some sessions with a specialist to feel as if you are really improved, but still focused.

Exercises. While exercising, your body releases endorphins which help you improve your mood and make you feel happy. Over time, you might feel more inclined to date offline than online.

Be social. Sometimes, long term russian dating addiction which does not lead to a stable loving relationship with a beautiful russian woman you have met online, could be a sign that you might have social interaction difficulties. Go out, open yourself to a new opportinities,
make yourself avalable for a new experience, meet new people, join a club, get proactive, basically - spend more time with men and women in real life.

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